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Bihar assembly: No entry for non-vaccinated lawmakers


PATNA—The Bihar legislators unwilling to take vaccines may not have the opportunity to attend the upcoming monsoon session of the state assembly.

In a move aimed at ensuring wide vaccination coverage, state assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha has asked all the legislators to get the vaccines soon so as to attend the assembly session and raise the issues of the people of their respective constituencies.

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“We appeal to the legislators to get themselves vaccinated soon or it won’t be possible for us to allow them attend the House sessions,” the Speaker told newsmen today.

He said the vaccination was mandatory not only for the legislators but also for their family members. He also announced to honour those legislators whose constituencies report 80 percent vaccination.

He said the MLAs were the watchdogs of the society and if they join the vaccination drive, more people would be encouraged to get the vaccines which in turn would boost up country’ fight against the virus.

According to Sinha, around 80 per cent of the legislators have got the vaccines so far but he wants all of them getting vaccinated. He said the legislators staying away from vaccination drive were creating confusions in the society.

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Vaccination percentage in Bihar has crossed little over 15 since the drive started in mid-January.

According to a report of health department, a total of 1.49 crore (14.9 million)  people have taken vaccines in Bihar so far. Of them, 1.26 crore (12.6 million) have taken the first dose of the vaccine whereas 22.51 lakh (2.25 million) have taken the second dose.

The maximum number of 46.57 lakh (4.65 million) people covered under the vaccination falls in the 18-44 age-groups, followed by vaccination of 44.02 lakh (4.40 million) people above 60 years and 43.24 lakh (4.32 million) people in 45-59 age-group.

Villagers in the state are reluctant to get vaccines for various reasons. They fear that taking the vaccines may leave them infertile and disable, cause life-threatening reactions and even deaths.

Angry villagers have been chasing the health teams, roughing them and also assaulting them for coming to their village for vaccination.

The state government has pressed into service more than 700 mobile vaccination vans and also holding vaccination camps in the local schools to vaccinate the villagers without facing any problems.


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