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‘Battle for PMship’: Why Lalu says Nitish Kumar is his ‘first choice’ for top job?


PATNA: RJD president Lalu Prasad has kicked up storms in the political circles by openly stating he would love to see his once arch rival, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar as the “PM candidate” in the next 2019 LS elections rather than Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

But, why does Prasad feel so? Are they natural outbursts of his feelings or if there is politics hidden behind his remarks?

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Observers read much in the statements of the RJD president. According to them, this could be a part of Prasad’s strategy to settle scores with the Congress which recently served a humiliating warning to the RJD by asking it to exist from the alliance irked at public criticism of Nitish Kumar.

Prasad also doesn’t share very good relations with Congress vice-president Gandhi and the relations deteriorated further after the Congress backed Kumar as chief minister candidate of alliance ahead of Bihar assembly polls last year without consulting the RJD. This ultimately forced the RJD president to accept Kumar’s leadership with heavy heart.

Another explanation being offered by the political experts is that by showing his likeness for Kumar as the PM candidate, the RJD president wants to keep him in good hunour and get him busy in meetings outside Bihar to ensure his family has a say in the running of the state administration.

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As astute politician, Prasad knows it very well the PM dream of Kumar will never be a reality with his JD-U being a regional party having no support base outside Bihar. Even in Bihar, it was able to win a handful of seats just because of support of the RJD. Right now, Kumar’s party has only two MPs in 545-membrer Lok Sabha.

In an interview to a local newspaper, the RJD chief was quoted as saying that his first choice for PM candidate is Kumar while stating he had no idea as to if Rahul Gandhi was in the race.

“Nitish Kumar is my first choice as the PM candidate,” the RJD chief said in an interview to a local he newspaper today, though adding there were many candidates in the race.

It’s dead sure, he asserted, that the BJP will not return to power after the next 2019 LS polls. He added he had no information if Congress Vice-President would be projected as PM candidate although the LS polls are still very far away.

“There are so many candidates from the opposition camp, such as Nitish Kumar, Myulayam Singh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, J Jayalalitha and M Karunanidhi who qualify for the PM post but ‘Jisaka sanyog banega wahi Pradhan Mantri hoga (But, it all depends on circumstances),” Prasad added.

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