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When baby ‘Ganga’ was born in river midstream!


PATNA: Amid massive devastation caused by the surging Ganga over the past four days, here’s some pleasant news.

A woman in Bihar gave birth to a baby girl midstream of the while fleeing her home on a boat to escape floods. Right now, both the mother and the child are safe.

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Gudia, a resident of Nakata Diyara in Patna district, went into labour pain on Saturday when the floods struck the areas.

Even as her husband Sikandar Rai was trying to find a boat to ferry her to the nearby hospital, a huge sheet of floodwater had covered their entire village and his family got stuck in their flooded homes.

The woman had lost all hopes of survival but in the meantime her husband somehow managed to arrange a boat.

With the help of fellow villagers, the pregnant woman was safely put on the boat as her kin too rode it to escape the village with little bundles of clothes and other belongings.

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However, as the boat carrying the woman and her family reached the midstream, her labour pain began unbearable.

As the other women in the vessel curtained off the place, where she was with cloth for modesty’s sake, she delivered a baby girl right on the boat.

Instantly, the surroundings began reverberating with the lusty cries of the girl who was christened “Ganga” after the river.

“We named her Ganga as she was born amid floods caused by the river and also it’s simply due to the mother river that she is alive now,” Rai told the media today.

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Courtesy: The Statesman

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