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At this Indian village, PM Modi is worshipped like a deity


PATNA: A village in the Indian state of Bihar has been worshipping Prime Minister Narendra Modi like a deity.

Believe it or not, the residents from Singhraul village in eastern Bihar’s Katihar district, some 250 km from Patna, the capital city of Bihar state, has installed the statue of the Prime Minister alongside the statue of Lord hanuman, prominent Indian deity, at the village temple and are worshipping him like a God.

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Local villagers got impressed with the Prime Minister after the village recently got connected with concrete road and power lines.

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“We have deep faith in Mr Modi. In the past seven decades or so, none cared for us but once he came to power, we got concrete road, power and also toilets. We are very happy and hence we worship him like a God,” a local villager Manoj Kumar Sah told the local media on Tuesday.

The happy villagers offered special prayers, blew conch shells, cut cake and distributed sweets among them to celebrate the 69th birthday of the Prime Minister at the temple. The entire village witnessed a festive atmosphere on this occasion.

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Local villagers said they would erect a big temple dedicated to PM Modi by raising funds at their own level and added their long-cherish dream is to see the Prime Minister at their village.

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Villagers said they had started sending their daughters to schools, impressed at PM’s campaign for daughters.

Modi who first became the Prime Minister in 2014 has returned to power with huge majority after the recent general elections held in April and May this year.

The NDA headed by Modi pulled out a spectacular victory, winning a total of 354 seats in 545-member Lok Sabha while the opposition was totally decimated.

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