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As millions reach his account due to bank error, poor villager urges govt to allow him keep some amount


PATNA—A poor villager from Bihar who mistakenly received Rs52 crore (Rs520 million) in his pension account has urged the government to allow him keep some cash.

Ram Bahadur Sah, a resident of Muzaffarpur district, couldn’t believe his eyes when he found such a huge amount of money credited to his pension account.

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He had reached a local service centre to check status of his old age pension account and was simply stunned to see this. The government has been paying a monthly pension of Rs500 (five hundred) to all senior citizens above 60.

“We were shocked to hear this and wondered where the amount had come from. We have spent our lives farming,” Shah was quoted as saying by India Today.

Ram Bahadur Sah

He has appealed to the government to allow him keep some of this amount reached his account so that he could spend the rest of his life smoothly.

He is not the lone villager to get millionaires overnight, albeit for a brief period. Prior to him, huge amount of cash was credited to the bank accounts of two Grade six students Asit Kumar and Guruchandra Biswas from Katihar district.

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The boys had gone to a local public internet centre to check whether the money for school uniform was credited to their accounts when they found their accounts flooded with cash.

While Rs900 crore (Rs9 billion) was credited to the bank account of Asit, Rs6 crore (Rs60 million) was deposited to the account of Guruchandra. The bank authorities soon freezed their accounts and stopped withdrawal.

On September 15, a man was jailed after he refused to return Rs5.50 lakh (Rs0.5 million) mistakenly credited by another rural bank in Bihar.

30-year-old Ranjit Das, a resident of Khagaria district, was so happy after finding the said amount that he hurriedly withdrew soem of the credited reaching due to bank’s error and spent it on buying domestic items and paying the loans, presuming it to be the money having been sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the first installment of Rs15 lakh (Rs1.5 million) he had once promised to pay to every individual at his election rally.

His problem began, after the bank began calling him to return the cash soon. Das later returned Rs1.60 lakh to the bank but refused to return the rest amount he already had spent saying he was unable to return.

“I was very happy when I received the money in March this year. I thought this could be the first installment of Rs1.5 million as promised by the Prime Minister and spent it but now the bank authorities are asking me to return the money,” Das told the media.

The bank later registered a case against Das after he refused to return the rest amount. Acting on the complaint the police have arrested the man and sent him to jail. The case was registered against him on August 17.


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