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Archaeologists find evidence of stone age civilization in India’s Bihar State


PATNA: The archaeological department claims to have found some stone tools which were normally used by the Aadi Manav (cave men) during the mesolithic age.

A team of archaeologists recently found such tools made of stones from the Mandar region in the Banka district of Bihar which meant the Aadi Manav existed here, according to a report in local Hindi daily.

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According to the archaeological department, the discovered tools in broken forms apparently belong to 6000 BC to 10,000 BC.

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“The discovered microliths apparently belong to mesolithic age,” archaeologist Arvind Kumar Sinha was quoted as saying in the paper.

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Such stones used for making such tools have also been found in Europe, Africa, America and Australia, as per report.

The discovery of such stone tools proves the “Aadi Manav” lived in Bihar and Mandar region was their safe abode.

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The department now plans to chalk out a massive project to preserve the region.

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