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Angry wrestler throws Bihar lawmaker down as he tries to give wrestling tips


PATNA: A ruling party lawmaker in Bihar faced really an embarrassing situation when a wrester threw him down in wrestling pit after he tried to give a tip or two the latter.

The bizarre incident took place at a function in Ara town organized to celebrate the 45th foundation day of the Bhojpur district. Ara is district headquarter of Bhojpur.

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The said lawmaker Arun Kumar Yadav from RJD was there to inaugurate the wrestling competition organized on this occasion when he tried to give some wrestling tips to the wresters in the pit. In fact, Yadav himself was wrestler before he joined politics.

Irritated at his unwarranted advice, one of the wrestlers grabbed him by his leg and threw in the wrestling pit, much to his discomfiture.

Very soon, his bodyguard too put off his clothes and tried to join the wrestlers but eventually the local authorities saved the situation from turning uglier.

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