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Alcohol ban was ‘tougher’ decision than notes ban, says BJP leader Sushil Modi

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PATNA: Bihar deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi has triggered a new debate in the BJP by stating that prohibition imposed by chief minister Nitish Kumar was more a tough decision than demonetization launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“In fact, note ban could be termed as a much stronger move than demonetization which was like a one-off surgical strike on high currency notes but prohibition was like a 24×7 surgical strike against bootleggers and illegal country liquor manufacturers,” English daily Hindustan Times quoted Mod as saying at a function in Patna on Sunday.

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Both the steps were launched almost at the same time. Bihar government imposed alcohol ban in April 2016 whereas the Modi government implemented note ban six months later in November 2016.

Both the leaders have supported each other’s drive although they were taken at a time while they were political rivals.

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According to Modi, Gujarat which imposed prohibition long back “is still grappling with attending problems of relaxation (permit)”.

He said only “determined” persons like Modi and Kumar could muster courage to take such bold steps.

A report by the state government claims the violence against woman has come significantly down post liquor ban in Bihar.

“99 percent women are happy over the liquor ban,” says the report adding case of mental tortures has come down by 79 percent while physical violence has come down to 54 percent in the state post prohibition.

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