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Ajmer Sharif chief suggests ban on ‘cow slaughter’ to promote communal harmony


In a significant move, the spiritual head of Ajmer Sharif Dargah in Rajasthan has appealed to the Muslim community to give up beef consumption to maintain communal harmony in the county.

Dargah Deewan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan while supporting beef ban has said Muslims should take the initiative to stop slaughter of animals and give up beef consumption in the larger interest of the country.

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He even declared he and his family would not be eating beef anymore and suggested the government to declare cow as a “national animal.”

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“The government should widely impose ban on slaughtering of all bovine animals and sale of beef, which is one of the prominent reasons for communal hatred. Muslims should become an example by taking resolution to not consume beef in the interest of communal harmony in the country,” he was quoted as saying in the DNA today.

“I have made an appeal to society and the people of different communities at large. I have initiated a change in my family and I have requested everyone else that if there is any habit (in you) that affects the people of other communities, then you must stop it. The Hindus are like our brothers and we would not want to hurt their sentiments in any way. I am not forcing anyone, I am only making a commitment from my end,” Khan said in an interview to the Firstpost.

He added any act of killing bovine species for its flesh should attract life imprisonment.

“Any act of killing bovine species for its flesh should attract life imprisonment. In fact, the cow should be declared India’s national animal. It is a matter of respecting the feeling of our Hindu brethren and that cannot be compromised. To safeguard the teachings of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, I declare that from today, my family members and I will not consume beef,” he added.

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