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Air hostess Bihar bride rides mare to lead her own wedding procession


PATNA—A bride has become a talk of the town in Bihar after she rode a mare to lead her own wedding procession in a marked shift from the established tradition.

Anushka Guha who is an air hostess with Indigo airlines, led her wedding procession in Gaya town on Tuesday evening to solemnize her wedding with Jeet Mukherjee, a Kolkata-based businessman.

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Dressed in her white bridal attire, the Gaya girl rode the mare to first receive the groom staying at a local hotel and then bringing him to a wedding venue to complete the remaining wedding rituals.

The local residents came out of their homes in large number as her wedding procession passed from one locality to another at the beat of catchy number played out by the band party.

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“I thought all boys go, I am a girl, why should I not go? I thank my husband for not objecting,” she told the media on being asked about her unconventional decision.

Her mother Shusmita Guha said she was happy to see her daughter taking a bold step.

“Since childhood Anuskha would question as to why only a groom rides on mare and goes to the bride’s house. Why can’t it be the other way round? We used to tell her that these are traditions being followed from generations but could never satisfied her. She always said that she would break the tradition and do the opposite,” Shusmita was quoted as telling IANS.

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