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AAP Image Crisis: How Kejriwal owes explanation to the people of Delhi


Aam AAdmi Party (AAP) of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal faces the major image crisis as never before.

With half of the total six party ministers getting sacked and 12 out or total 67 party lawmakers arrested on one charges or another, the general refrain is how AAP chief has betrayed the faith of common voters by giving tickets to persons with dubious characters.

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The fresh debate has been fired after one of AAP ministers for women and child welfare Sandeep Kumar was sacked by the party over alleged sexual escapade.

This was the same minister who once gave his famous quote that he touches feet of his wife before the house every morning.

The action followed after two CDs surfaced showing the minister in “compromising position with two women”.

What was further shocking was the explanation giving by the minister for his sacking.

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“I have been targeted for being a Dalit….I was slowly emerging as a face of the Dalits,” the sacked minister told the media today.

“This (surfacing of CDs) is a conspiracy against me and the entire matter should be investigated,” he demanded.

This was not the first time that the Kejriwal’s minister was sacked for “wrong reason”.

Earlier, other ministers, such as Jitendra Tomar, Asim Ahmad Khan and Somath Bharti had been dismissed for various charges as serious as domestic violence”.

The opposition launched bitter attacks on the AAP for betraying the people’s faith and diverting from the track.

“Kejriwal had once talked about morality and transparency in politics but the recent developments indication fats devaluation of the AAP,” BJP minister Ravi Shakar Prasad said.

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