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A parrot which loves to handle smartphone, listen songs on YouTube


PATNA—A parrot has become the talk of the town for its unique qualities in Bihar.

A special feature of this bird is that it is smartphone-savvy and loves to enjoy various videos on the YouTube.

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A video of the parrot which has gone viral in the social media shows the tiny bird using its beak to surf various YouTube videos and listening songs one by one.

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Rajesh Verma who belongs to Katihar district had bought the parrot from a local market three years back and very soon it got mixed with each family member.

“It behaves like a human being and rushes to please me when it notices I’m unhappy,” said Srishti Kumari.

According to her, the parrot is fully aware of how to handle the smartphone by touching its screen.

“Just hand over the phone after unlocking and it will soon start listening to songs on YouTube…It loves music very much,” she said.

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