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24 Christians embrace Hinduism in India’s Jharkhand state


PATNA: Around 24 followers of Christianity embraced Hinduism in Jharkhand after hours of rituals conducted on Saturday.

The Christians embraced Hinduism at a function organized at Khambhiya village in Gumla district by the Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM).

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The entire process followed hours of rituals which included prayers to Hindu deities and purification with holy waters.

The converts were initially Hindus but had adopted Christianity some time back. It’s now, however, clear if they were lured into Christianity.

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“They had expressed desire to adopt Hinduism and so we organized the function for their ghar-wapsi,” a HJM leader Sanjay Verma said.

“If a lost man returns home, all his family and relatives would welcome him irrespective of where he stayed after leaving home,” Verma was quoted as saying in a local media today.

Earlier, 100 tribesmen from the same district had embraced Hinduism some eight months back.

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